Meet Choir 51

Meet the African Children’s Choir’s Choir 51

Empower International Academy

Our prayers have been answered and our dreams are becoming a reality. The Empower International Academy is a secondary level boarding school that was conceived to bring a Christ-centered international standard education to Uganda for members of the African Children’s Choir and beyond. We are very excited to have completed the construction of phase I […]

It’s Cool In The Fire

All of us face trials and difficulties in our lives. When we face them knowing our God is with us, we emerge stronger in faith and courage. When we face them with our brothers and sisters, we emerge refined and unified. We build community and then others look in wonder. During each term break we […]

Farewell to Choir 50

Before the children embark on a tour, we celebrate their talent and upcoming adventure by throwing a farewell party at the African Children’s Choir Primary School for the children and their families. This is a fantastic opportunity for the children to spend some time with their loved ones and show them what they have learned […]

Leaders at ACCPS

Every year, the children at the African Children’s Choir Primary School are given an opportunity to grow through leadership roles and responsibilities. The school’s prefectorial body is the number one platform that enables the students practice and learn leadership skills. Last week, before the term came to a close, the students held a fair campaign […]

Meet Choir 50!

As the children and chaperones of Choir 50 make their final preparations before tour, we’d like to introduce you to some of the talented boys and girls who will be bringing joy across North America this summer! Christine Christine is 10 years old and lives with her parents and sibling in Uganda. She is most […]

ACCPS Easter Outreach

At the African Children’s Choir Primary School, we feel that sharing is caring. This Easter season, once again, the students at the African Children’s Choir Primary School have reached out to the nearing communities by sharing meals with deprived families whose hopes of having a happy Easter were dim. With 45 students representing the school, […]

Meet a ChangeMaker: Paul

“ My name is Paul and I’m 25 years old. I come from Kenya, a very beautiful country, renowned for it’s wild game, diverse culture and recreation sites. I grew-up in a small town called Thika. Thika is mainly an agricultural community, where farming takes center stage but on a small scale. Most of its […]

Between Friends – Spring 2019

Dear Friend, I’ve been deeply entrenched in the Gospel of John for the last several months, studying each chapter, reading commentaries and having discussions with the people at my church. We’ve uncovered so many new perspectives about God and ourselves through the process. I’ve watched the stories come alive daily as though God is orchestrating […]

Drop Everything and Read Day

April 12th saw the official day of “Drop Everything and Read”. This is a special day where reading is celebrated. It serves to remind and encourage families to read together on a daily basis and to promote the benefits of reading. The children at the African Children’s Choir Primary School loved joining in with the […]

Choir 49: Postcard

Hello from on the road with Choir 49! We’re here to give you some snapshots of our last month of tour and boy have we got some good ones! In the previous month, we’ve managed to make our way through 5 different states! Please enjoy these highlights from a couple of them… California In California, […]

Outreach Leader: Victoria

“Becoming a mentor to someone that’s younger is not an easy task. First, I’d say that as a young adult that’s still figuring out a lot about life, you always have your hands full. Again, it’s one huge responsibility that tests one’s capability to guide another individual,” says Victoria. Victoria is one of the Music […]

Meet a ChangeMaker: Felistar

My Name is Felistar and I am 23-years-old. I love working with children, making jokes, but most of all I want to make the world a much better place by inspiring children to become the next leaders in their communities and beyond. At age eight, I toured with the 25th African Children’s Choir.  But before […]

How our students are giving back

Music for Life run outreach sessions across various deprived locations in Africa where our university students provide mentorship and discipleship to children in the same poverty they were once in. These sessions are full of fun, crafts, song and dance – not only do they give the children attending much needed joy and support in […]

Meet a ChangeMaker: Eric

My name is Eric and I am now 27-years-old. I joined the African Children’s Choir back in 2001, at the age of ten. I was born and raised in the heart of what was then the central Kenya province called Muranga district, in a small town called Githumu. It was in 2001 that the African […]

Looking back on 2018

Dear Friend, Thanks to your support and God’s provision, 2018 was a monumental year for Music for Life! Together, we made a tremendous impact on the children and communities we serve. While it’s difficult to quantify our work with mere numbers, we feel it’s important to measure the impact we’re making so we can see the […]

Music for Life outreach programs

In the slums of Africa, children live with the harsh realities of extreme poverty every day.  They often live with one parent who struggles constantly to find one meal a day and money for school fees. Their homes are small shacks nestled tightly together with no running water, electricity or sanitation services.  They’re surrounded by […]

A letter from Ronald

Dear reader, My name is Ronald, I am 25-years-old and I toured with the 22nd African Children’s Choir, and after graduating high school the Young Africans 2. I come from Kenya and was raised in a slum community called Obunga in Kisumu. My journey with the African Children’s Choir started in the year 2001. I joined the Choir when I was seven-years-old. […]


In my early years living in Uganda, I spent a lot of time in the slums. I couldn’t understand how or why people had to live in slums and wrote this a few years ago to avoid losing it. Now that I’m back “home” I read it to remind myself why these children need a […]

Just As I Am, by Amanda

In this beautiful poem, Amanda, who traveled with Choir 24 in 2003/2004, writes about her experience. I am Bright Brilliant Beautiful Just as I am. I am Sufficient Intelligent Resilient Just as I am. I know that In this deep darkness of Pain, loss and grief I may sometimes feel different I know that Because […]