Ray’s Story

The Fisherman

Have you ever been in the right place at the right time, as if God had sent you there for a purpose? Read how a fisherman changed Ray’s life forever…

The story of Choir 2 – Part One

The civil war was upon Uganda, fear and uncertainty filled the air, but for Ray Barnett and The African Children's Choir team it was a time of hope and joy, as the second choir were ready to embark on their first tour, but a challenge lay before them – getting the children across the border […]

The boy that inspired it all

After Idi Amin was driven out of Uganda, British journalist Dan Wooding and humanitarian Ray Barnett travelled to the broken country to research a book, which they later published, called The Ugandan Holocaust. Whilst preparing to leave the home village of the late Archbishop Janani Luwum, a place called Mucwini, a local woman ran over […]

Faith will bring you home

Discover the story of how Ray Barnett and his travel companion were guided in Uganda by Faith. Faith will bring you home…