African Children’s Choir Virtual Programs

The African Children’s Choir’s mission is to help Africa’s most vulnerable children today, so they can help Africa tomorrow. The children in the Choir are surrounded by severe poverty at home in Africa, but despite these circumstances they refuse to lose hope. They are the future ChangeMakers of Africa!

We have put together the following Virtual Event Packages during the pandemic so our children can still bring their joy and hope to your community! The support raised through these events will support outreach and educational programs that reach hundreds of children.

YOU can join in their story of hope and change.

Package #1: Mini Concert

15 Minutes, Donation of your choice

Package Details

This mini concert features:

– Drum Solo
– Traditional African Song
– Stand by Me
– This Little Light of Mine

Package #2: Cultural Exchange Workshop

45 Minutes, $650

Package Details

Designed to build an awareness of the many impoverished children in Africa who are unable to receive an education, the Choir will take you on a trip across the ocean and introduce you to some of the rich cultural traditions of Africa. You will learn about geography, wildlife and local foods as well as be drawn into an interactive experience through music, dancing and drumming.

Package #3: Full Concert

60 Minutes, $750

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Our most recent concert, Just As I Am, includes a selection of notable hymns performed with African instruments and arrangements. It is an immersive video experience that transports audiences to the children’s homeland and follows a young African girl who is helping her friends in need.

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Personalized Intro & Contact Info

Upon request, our African staff can provide a personalized introduction specific to your audience and event. For questions, please call us at 1.877.532.8651 or email us at