Where We Work: Kenya

Music For Life first selected children from Kenya to be members of the African Children’s Choir in 1990. Alumni come from many of the different provinces in Kenya. They are bringing positive change to their communities and can be found working in a variety of different sectors including medicine, business, social work, media, law and education.

Music For Life seeks to fulfill its mandate through Education and Mentorship. In Kenya this process begins at the Kindergarten level. Currently, Music For Life runs three Kindergartens. One serves a Maasai community in rural Kenya and the others are located in Kibera, the largest slum in Africa.

The Kindergartens aim to give children from impoverished backgrounds a positive first experience of school. Due to poverty these children would otherwise miss out on Kindergarten education and end up struggling to catch up in often overcrowded classrooms. The children receive individual attention in a fun, stimulating and loving environment. Not only do they learn basic numeracy and how to read but they also learn valuable life skills, to love the Lord and develop a positive attitude towards school and a thrist for knowledge. Our Kindergartens receive high praise from the Ministry of Education’s school inspectors.

Equipped by this foundation, they are able to flourish in the school system as they enter grade one in our partner schools where we continue to support the children through the Music For Life Outreach program. The outreach program is run by our Staff and College students who lead extra curricular activities that the schools would otherwise struggle to provide such as music, dance, life skills, and bible. The College students serve as role models.mentor the children giving lots of love and encouragement.

Children are able through this program to discover their talents which in turn develops confidence, improved communication skills and teamwork. The spill over effect is improved learning in the classroom which is often remarked on by the class teachers.

Many of the most needy enter our Sponsorship Program. Sponsorship enables them to continue their primary education uninterrupted by being sent home for fees or lack of a uniform.

At the end of Primary School some win Sponsorship Scholarships through Music For Life and are able to overcome the obstacles of their backgrounds to attend some of the best secondary schools in Kenya. Throughout their educational journey students are supported by our dedicated staff and mentors to ensure that they are able to make the most of the opportunities given to them to become ChangeMakers in their communities.